Positions Hits #1 on the All Time Charts

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Ariana Grande's Hit Album "Positions" has earned one of the highest certifications in history for an album and is the fastest to do so taking only 6 weeks to go 1x Diamond+ 2 Platinum's. The Album officially reached the top spot on the all time charts for albums today dethroning "The Bodyguard (Original Soundtrack Album)".

The Singles have done exceptionally well with 4/5 reaching #1 on the charts and a possible 5th #1 in the coming weeks which would earn Ariana a Spotlight award.  

With 34+35 being #22 on the All-Time Charts, Positions being #30, Safety Net being #47, POV being #50, and 5 more songs being between 51 and 100 this album is a hit in every sense of the word.  It was a slow climb to the top with the album failing to chart upon release on the week of October 30th and not entering the charts until November 19th this album seemed like a commercial failure and now it is the #1 album of all time taking only 6 weeks to accomplish the feat with 4 #1 singles and the 2nd longest stay at #1 for an album in chart history.

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